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Base for doll above by
Silly Janine

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Page created 07/04/02
Welcome to Samantha's Dolls.

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Please do not adopt any dolls located outside of the "Samantha's Dolls" section. The doll pages have information on how you can adopt them!

Take a look around this site by using the navigation panel on the left. Be sure to sign my guestbook. I'd like to know what you think of the dolls.

Update 11/22/03: I have gotten the urge to do a few dolls. I haven't updated in almost a year. My husband is still out of work and things are depressing. Guess dolls are something to do to take my mind off of it. I don't know how often i'll update or do dolls but..below are my two latest creations.

My Newest Dolls:

Britiana Britiana
October 09, 2002

Cute little witch.

Base by Sweet Poison
Sparky Sparky
October 09, 2002

What can I's a Halloween clown.

Base by Caffienated Plaid
Roxanne Roxanne
November 22, 2003

My first Doll in over a year.

Base by Zack
Lily Lily
November 22, 2003

My first ever Christmas Doll.

Base by Joinotjoy avs